Week of 12/7

Let it SNOW.... Let it SNOW.... Let it SNOW......
We are continuing to work on story problems in math. Soon, we will be writing our own to challenge the class.
We found a really neat website: primarygames.com (click on Math)
Here, we can play the game Numberz. It is a game where you need to click on numbers that equal 10. We play this game almost every morning on the SmartBoard during breakfast. The higher the level we get to, the harder the game gets. This is a PERFECT way to practice our math facts!
Another good math website to check out is: funbrain.com (click on Math Arcade)
We also play math games on this site during computer lab.
Some of us have added an extra bag of flash cards to our Reading Book Bag. It is important to study those words every night as well as read the book that we bring home. Parents, older siblings, and any other adult can practice these words with your student. When we have these words mastered, we will add more to our loop!

Canned Food Drive! We are collecting cans of food to donate to families in need. The students can bring the cans to school and we will put them in front of the tree by the office.

Big Bushy Mustache

(vowel pattern: ow, ou)

Extra Notes:

  • December 9th- Half Day
  • December 10- Winter Concert for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade: 9:30 & 5:30
  • December 22- Class parties
  • December 23- Winter Break Begins
  • January 4th- Back to school
  • **It is getting cold, please make sure your child is dressed warm for being outisde. Students are not allowed to stay inside unless they have a Doctor's Excuse. Students go outside unless the wind chill reaches 10 degrees.


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